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These are romantic heart-shaped earrings and pendants. The symbolic meaning of the heart is the essence of the being, the physical and spiritual alike. It represents love, affection, understanding and courage. “Reason can tell us what we should avoid but only heart can tell us what we should do” (Joubert Jozeph, French ethicist and philosopher). This collection will bring joy to woman with romantic character traits and who are fond of everlasting classical values. They are ready to express their emotions in a special, slightly provocative way. The heart-shaped pendant has two facets: one is pink and white, the other is aquamarine and white. The earrings and pendants are made of Swarovski crystals in several shades of rainbow colours (pink, aquamarine and zircon). The combination of beautifully designed gilded necklaces, romantic earrings and pendants gives a new, mysterious note of seduction. The offer includes two kinds of differently designed necklaces, made in three sizes, M, L and XL. (N9081: M – 42 cm; L – 44 cm; XL – 48 cm).